Dr. Brandon Kiefer is on the verge of developing the greatest scientific innovation of the 21st century-- the discovery of a medicine to significantly extend the human life span through his top secret formula to alter the human genome. 

To his shock, he becomes the target in a covert war of international espionage. During betrayals and treachery, if the scientist is killed, while being hunted down by both friend and foe alike, the secrets of Project Immortality will be lost forever.

Using cutting edge surveillance technology installed by his latest "best friend", Kiefer tries to stay one step ahead of those plotting against him. When the world class scientist turns for support from his closest friends, the attacks against him intensify, leading him to London, Tel Aviv, and a remote warehouse in Siberia in a pulse pounding, globe hopping adventure to save his Nobel Prize winning medicine. Desperate, Dr. Kiefer appeals to the American government for help. The response from the U.S. Congress will leave you reeling!