DENIED-- "A thriller that combines medicine and religion in a pulse pounding plot.  Michael Rushnak knows how to keep the twists coming at you."  Tess Gerritsen, NY York Times best selling author of many medical thrillers.

"Twists and turns abound in this second novel (THE SAVIOR VACCINE) of the Health Club Mysteries by Michael Rushnak, with our old friend, Dr. Jonathan Rogers back to lead the way through this break-neck page turner.  Murder, terrorists and world holocaust are just a few of the intrigues brought to light in this story and it's a race to the terrifying finish. Rushnak has done it again and you won't want to miss this horrifyingly true-to-life novel by this medical thriller writer."  -- 'DJ Weaver for WebbWeaver Reviews'

“Nuclear attacks, a potentially lethal vaccine, cover-ups, corruption and revenge. THE SAVIOR VACCINE captivates and intrigues - A medical thriller with more twists than a small intestine.” Michael Balkind, author of Sudden Death & Dead Ball

"Dr. Michael Rushnak's book, THE SAVIOR VACCINE, is one of the best books I've ever read. It was so real and as I turned the pages, I kept wanting to see what was next. The book is pure genius and I recommend anyone who wants to read a book, that not only has a terrific story, but holds true in the real world MUST read this book."  Dr. Joyce M. Knudsen, PhD

"TERMINAL NEGLECT is a white hot thriller, tightly plotted and full of terrific twists.  This is one of the very best medical thrillers I have read--not recently, EVER!  Michael Rushnak's first novel hits with the force of a runaway freight train. The tension starts on page one and never lets up. I am so impressed. Michael Rushnak's imaginative, fast-paced thriller gave me paper cuts from turning the pages so rapidly. But then I was too wary to trust any doctor to fix them. This is one terrific read. The genre of medical suspense has been needing some new blood. We have found it in Michael Rushnak.  I loved this book, and the friends I have turned on to it are loving it, too."   Michael Palmer, NY Times Best Selling Author, A Heartbeat Away,  The Last Surgeon, The Second Opinion

"Michael Rushnak is another John Grisham. TERMINAL NEGLECT is excellent.  Rushnak writes like Grisham,
fast paced, flowing with characters, holding back the secrets to a huge mystery, and in doing so with a very human, easy-to-identify-with style. Grisham is great, as readers for many years attest. They will warm to Rushnak's style and readers will want to find a quiet, "Do not disturb" spot to read Rushnak's stuff.  Buy the book. That's our recommendation. Then go enjoy."   THE LINK BOOK REVIEW, The Link Newspaper of Long Branch New Jersey.

"TERMINAL NEGLECT is a high octane medical thriller of the first order. A new author Dr Michael Rushnak has exploded on to the literary scene.  An instant best seller." Steven Babitsky, SEAK MEDICAL FICTION FOR PHYSICIANS ANNUAL WRITING CONFERENCE